Le Pain Quotidien is a Belgium bakery cafes chain with premium quality cuisine, classy European atmosphere and personal attention to each Client on every step. 

There are already more than 30 locations emblemed "organic" of the world-wide bakery cafes chain in Russia. All of them work according to the single formula and technology, no deviations allowed. That is exactly why "Le Pain Quotidien" has so many fans in Moscow, Paris, and New-York.

LPQ offers their Guests natural regular and seasonal meals out of fresh and organic products that help people keep healthy. LPQ constantly make happy foodies and people who thoroughly take care of their health. The company produces its own real artisan bread, desserts and pastries, which is a great advantage, because everything that is on the menu is always ideally fresh.

Catering menu is inspired by the traditional Le Pain Quotidien menu and it offers to our guests their favorite meals, cakes and pastry served on the brand platters.

Since 2009 our catering service has served many premium companies such the Embassies of the United Kingdom, USA, Greece and Belgium. Companies of the like of Procter and Gamble, Deloitte, Unilever, Microsoft, fashion houses Louis Vuitton and Chanel and many others. On our event list you can also find numerous theme parties: either a Carribean night or a Prom Ball.

The company has acquired enough experience to organize birthday parties, corporate parties and other special occasions, including the ones with our own decorations, props, and utensils. We have our own qualified waiters and chefs, therefore, any event will be carried through on the highest level. We have a reputation for product quality, professional competence and sincere customer service.

Why will you absolutely love "LPQ" catering?

It is easier with us

We always have different ideas about your celebration. In order to save time please use our "3 steps to the menu" tool which can be found on the main page. It is the easiest and the fastest way to plan your celebration! 

It is better with us

We are always ready to help you to plan your celebration, no matter what is the occasion or the size: it can be either lunch for two or a wedding with 200 guests. "LPQ" catering is a catering with its own soul. We deal with great pleasure with every idea of our Client. 

We can do everything

We can support you with professional equipment, ceramic tableware or plates, custom-made sweets: macaroons, cookies, cakes. We always put our heart and creative energy into your celebration. Order disposable cutlery for your table - prices and photos are sent upon your request.

We accept all kinds of payment methods

Bank cards, cash or by cheque, online or bank payment, in advance or right before the event. We will help you to choose the best possible way of payment.

We will help 

In case your catering service lets you down unexpectedly - we are at your service! Just call us and we will prepare platters in three hours. Please ask our manager for the possible options.