These days instead of pompous banquets people prefer simpicity and elegance. Sophisticated table setting, professional service from qualified and polite waiters and delicate food - aesthetics together with taste and service.

Le Pain Quotidien banquets are distinguished not only by your favorite set of meals but also by the hearty way they are served. 

Exotic mujadra, our famous hummus, fruit mix, sweet mini-desserts and original lemonades - we are sure that our guests will keep in memory plentitude and perfect rich tastes. 

Banquet for 20 persons

DishWeight (gr. / ml)PriceQtyTotal
Charcuterie Platter12403300 o26600 o
Mini Eclair Platter6803100 o26200 o
Waiter Service 2-8 hrs14000 o14000 o

Total: 16800o
Per quest: 840oAdd to cart

Banquet for 100 persons

DishWeight (gr. / ml)PriceQtyTotal
Charcuterie Platter12403300 o516500 o
Fresh Fruit Platter22952700 o513500 o
Homemade Mors300150 o20030000 o
Waiter Service 2-8 hrs14000 o520000 o

Total: 80000o
Per quest: 800oAdd to cart