Cocktail dinners are suitable for almost any occasion: it can be a fashion show, brand or book presentation, concert or birthday party. We offer a wide range of appetizers that will not only make all your guests satisfied and happy but also decorate your table. Our elegant and simple cuisine is at the same time unique and original – we guarantee that everyone will find something to be delighted with. Large portions of prawns, fruits and a Mozzarella salad served on skewers - are your best choice.

Cocktail reception for 20 persons

DishWeight (gr. / ml)PriceQtyTotal
Mozarella Salad10653500 o13500 o
Fresh Fruit Platter22952700 o12700 o
Macaroons and Merinques8202800 o12800 o

Total: 9000o
Per quest: 450oAdd to cart

Cocktail reception for 100 persons

DishWeight (gr. / ml)PriceQtyTotal
Mozarella Salad10653500 o27000 o
Appetizer with Shrimps13803500 o27000 o
Mini Tart Platter9402900 o25800 o
Fresh Fruit Platter22952700 o25400 o
Cookies Platter8801850 o47400 o
Mineral Water Harrogate Spa without Gas330120 o303600 o
Mineral Water Harrogate Spa with Gas330120 o202400 o
Natural Juices 1000300 o103000 o

Total: 41600o
Per quest: 416oAdd to cart